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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania
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A huge water management project for the benefit of the Kaunas District residents


Launched in the district of Kaunas, the project for the upgrading and development of the water supply and wastewater management infrastructure will help resolve the most urgent problems relating to water management. According to Inesis Kiškis, Director of the European Union Assistance Management Department of the Ministry of Environment, a total of EUR 6.5 million, i.e. EUR 4.3 million of EU structural assistance and EUR 2.3 million from the funds of the Kaunas District Municipality, was allocated to the first stage of the project (2014–2020).

Based on the 2015 data of the Department of Statistics, this district has over 88,000 residents. Drinking water supply services are provided to less than half of them (around 41 %), whereas wastewater management services are rendered only to one fourth of the residents (26 %).

One of the major problems in the Kaunas district is the poor quality of groundwater. The drinking water supplied to the residents of Zapyškis, Juragiai, Padauguva and Ilgakiemis did not meet the quality requirements. For example, the iron content exceeded the norm from 4 to 25 times. The water in the colour of rust would stain laundry and bathtubs and destroy washing machines. The residents had to buy drinking water. Now, the water treatment facilities are already installed in Juragiai, Padauguva and Zapyškis.

Some of the residents in Ramučiai, Kulautuva, Piliuona, Šlienava and Žiegždriai had no possibility of getting connected to the district water supply and wastewater collection systems. They used water from shaft wells which is often contaminated and managed wastewater by using containers or individual treatment facilities that are usually not impermeable and thus contaminate the environment. Wastewater collection networks will be built in Ramučiai, Kulautuva and Piliuona, whereas in Šlienava, Bubiai and Raudondvaris a part of the worn out drinking water supply and wastewater collection networks will be reconstructed.

The plans are that 167 residents will get connected to the drinking water supply networks in Ramučiai, 381 in Kulautuva, 84 in Šlienava, and 245 in Žiegždriai, whereas 294 residents will get connected to the wastewater collection networks in Ramučiai, 549 in Kulautuva and 422 in Piliuona.

Public Relations Division
16 January 2018

Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas
Minister of Environment of Lithuania Kęstutis Navickas